Agricultural Consultant Services

Phillips Agribusiness provides consulting and management services in the sectors of Agricultural Management, Resource Management and Business Studies.

Low input beef fattening
Low input beef fattening, Macedon Ranges

Farm Management

Farm Management advice is provided to farmers in dairying, beef, sheep, broadacre cropping and intensive agriculture. The services provided include technology adoption, farming system development and financial planning.

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Industry Analysis

Phillips Agribusiness - Bacchus Marsh intensive agriculture
Intensive agriculture, Bacchus Marsh

Rural industry studies are undertaken for state and local government, companies and individuals. They are usually directed at determining industry characteristics and trends, rural land use impacts, value adding characteristics and the type of opportunities and constraints that exist. The information is mostly used for strategic planning purposes.

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Resource Management

Resource management services include environmental impact studies, regional planning and water use studies.

Environmental impact studies  usually form part of a multi-disciplined EES program. The agricultural input generally involves a review of the natural resource environment, farming enterprise characteristics and what impacts the proposal might have on agricultural performance.

Topsoil replacement, Wonthaggi Desal plant, managed by Phillips Agribusiness
Topsoil replacement over Wonthaggi desalination pipeline

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Agricultural quality map used by Phillips Agribusiness
Map showing agricultural quality, Macedon Ranges

Regional planning  typically involves land capability assessment, rural industry analysis, regional economics and land use planning.  Sociological and attitudinal assessment is sometimes required.  The objective is to ensure a good fit between the environmental resource base, rural industry intent and regional development.

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Water management studies  are directed at improving the efficiency of water use for irrigated culture and extend into the fields of salinity control, recycled water management and rehabilitation of irrigation systems.

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Loss Assessment

Phillips Agribusiness investigating impact of freeway on orchard
Impact of new freeway on orchard, Bacchus Marsh

Loss assessment is conducted on an individual property or regional basis.  It may be the outcome of freeway development, infrastructure installation such as gas or water pipelines or natural disaster.

Loss assessment is generally carried out in association with land valuation and legal input. Appearing as an expert witness is an associated activity.

Assignments are undertaken in planning tribunal hearings, property disturbance and failure in contractual obligations.

The Story Behind Us

Phillips Agribusiness is an independent professional agricultural consulting company which is active in the fields of farm management, rural industry analysis and resource management. It has specialist skills in agriculture, horticulture, economics and financial management.  To service multi-disciplined projects, networks and associations are maintained with other disciplines including engineering, planning and economics.


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